• Do we still need the offtopic IRC channel?

    I really don’t see the point in having two channels with so little traffic.
    It would be nice to have more ppl staying, answering questions and in general just make some conversation.
    Sending ppl that are new to Antergos/Linux to the offtopic because they want to talk about their new experience, background or whatever is nothing I care to do anyway, it’s just off-putting.

    And yes, I do get the point of the offtopic one. That was back when the telegram bridge got created and IRC was spammed with stickers, video links and other useless crap you had to launch in a browser to look at. We also had way more ppl back then (I guess as I don’t use Telegram).

    It’s better that the main channel look alive and ppl are writing (+attention) instead of having two channels that are dead most of the day anyway.

  • Good points, and I must say I agree with you from what I’ve seen the short time I’ve been hanging out in the channels.

  • someone try to access the channel from Live Iso? it do not wark since two month for me…
    I think it is also a sign of time that IRC/chatchannels are not that popular anymore… also archchannel is not that frequented anymore… and all the rest linux related also, may devs using secret channels for communication but all that open official channels are almost calm.

  • @joekamprad

    The arch channel is still pretty active in my opinion. Same with the general linux channel. But yeah, probably not as active as they used to be, but they still generate good sized logs. 40-50k lines in the 3 weeks my current logs have been going. I would call that pretty active :p

    But of course, IRC in general has taken a backseat over the years with all the new fancy looking platforms out there.

    I still prefer IRC over anything else, nothing but text, just how chat should be!

  • i want say calm in comparison to what it was around late 90ies and early millennium ;)

  • Ah, yeah. Those were different times ;)

  • i would like to have a chat integrated into forum webside, like one of the banners on the right side ;)

    I have some community users calling me on chat, but then it is kinda private, also nice but to say hello or ask a little question, it would be nice to have a open chat/irc aviable… but as @Tiedemann say a almost empty IRC is not usefull, may we simple try promoting it ?

  • i do not like most of the IRC Clients, as they are way complicated ugly or limited… some suggestions on a nice one?

  • I’m using hexchat with a black background theme. The UI is pretty minimal so not much wasted space.

  • Hexchat is a good one for a regular “GUI” client. I myself use weechat, which is a nice terminal based client. Hexchat is nice and simple, don’t require much configuration. Weechat is a bit more involved when it comes to configuration and stuff, but also a nice client.

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