• Remote Desktop To MacOS From Antergos

    Hello Everyone,

    I currently have a macOS Desktop computer running High Sierra and a Laptop computer running Antergos (Linux). I want to be able to remote desktop FROM the Linux laptop TO the MacOS desktop. I already have SSH, Samba Shares, and a few other file sharing configurations setup and working successfully. However, I still need to actually use my MacOS desktop (GUI) remotely from time to time. What is everyone using to remote desktop into a MacOS system?

    I have setup VNC on my Antergos ilaptop to remote desktop to my MacOS (Desktop) and be able to access the system. However, it seems like it only works once, and then I have to restart my MacOS desktop to get things working again. Is there a more stable and consistent way to remote desktop TO MacOS from my Antergos (Linux) laptop?

    Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and help, it is greatly appreciated!



  • you will need a vnc client as far as i know, like vinagre, tigervnc, remmina e.t.c


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