• System don't boot up

    Yesterday I closed my system as usual and everything seems to look fine till today when I realized that it not boot up anymore. Only thing I see after boot menu is 3 lines of text:
    [7.220296] snd_usb_toneport 3-14:1.0: receive lenght failed (error -11)
    [7.220716] snd_usb_toneport 3-14:1.0: read request failed (error -32)
    [7.220744] snd_usb_toneport 3-14:1.0: write request failed (error -11)

  • Have you recently upgraded your system? Could be an upgrade that broke something. The snd_usb_toneport thing is related to usb audio if I’m not mistaken. Do you have an external audio card?

  • Yes, I have and I already trying to disconnect it, but when I do computer complete freeze at the boot menu. I forgot to mentioned that it shows sometimes another failed massage about Bluetooth till I disconnect it to, but this doesn’t freeze but so I leave it.

  • Have you tried booting the fallback option in grub?

  • Yes, freeze to. Is there option to repair it with inflation drive like in Windows?

  • ls /lib/modules/*

  • TErribly sorry.
    I forgot.
    you can’t boot into system.
    Anyway for you to go into TTY?

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