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    after yesterday update with slick greeter i have problem to start lightdm service so i try to fix this but in home i am use only wifi. so when i am run in console systemctl start NetworkManager my next step was setup my wifi network. i always for this use wifi-menu because its included into antergos. but after i run sudo wifi-menu i see message in red font.

    Please install 'dialog' to use wifi-menu

    maybe there are other ways to configure wifi in console but
    if antergos contains wifi-menu it should also contains all necessary package need to run this package so please add “dialog” package to next antergos release

  • @joksik
    Seems that dialog is an optional dependency of the netctl package.
    Now Arch has a new release netctl 1.17 in testing.

  • @joksik said in dialog - missing package:

    after yesterday update with slick greeter i have problem to start lightdm service

    i have this an 5 systems with slick greeter too, i have to switch to lightdm-gtk-greeter or the standard antergos lightdm-webkit2-greeter to solve lightdm failing to start.

  • ha ha ha i do not follow my own words… and do not check the AUR comments:

    If you upgraded from version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, check the /etc/lightdm.conf and replace the “slick-greeter” to “lightdm-slick-greeter” in line “greeter-session” (should be line 110 if not close to that line)

  • ok. thx good to know how to fix slick-greeter ;)

  • Yes, thanks @joekamprad. However, wouldn’t it be prudent to add this info to this page on the wiki https://antergos.com/wiki/desktops/installing-display-managers/#LightDM_-_change_the_greeter_not_the_DM?

  • @grenouille already corrected, but id needs some time till database is rebuilded to be present.

  • @joekamprad Cool, thanks. Should have known you’d be on top of it.

  • Can you help me? Consultation In the story I never knew before.

  • @Hostingky what story?
    This is no issue any more…

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