• WiFi on Kernel 4.17.2-1 & Surface Pro 3 broken

    I know that with the 4.17 kernel that wifi on my laptop is broken, but the 4.16 kernel it was working just fine, so I have the 4.14 LTS kernel installed for now, but it’s far from ideal. Anything involving standby, blanking screen, or hibernation, all results in an unusable state so I have to force shutdown.

    That being said, what would be the proper way to report the bug and what would I do to test the kernel if I would be sent a kernel to test out. Would I use the ABS to build a kernel and what-not or would I try and build the traditional way?

    I’m trying to figure out how I can better do my part in improving Linux rather than just sending out a bug report and never reporting back and basically just wasting people’s time.

  • @joekamprad oh wow I didn’t know they had updated that AUR package since I last checked it last year, thank you sir!

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