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    I’m thinking of migrating to Antergos but I need to first test Wayland and multiple monitors (I’m currently using Ubuntu on a Dell XPS laptop and the 4K screen does not play well with my external monitor under Unity).

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how to test this using the Live boot from USB version. LightDM autologins the antergos user so I can’t even experiment with choosing the different desktop options at the login screen. I’ve also read I might need to switch to GDM.

    Can someone advise the proper way to use Wayland from the Live environment?


  • @flyerguymn
    That’s an interesting post. I always assumed Antergos iso used wayland, but i just check and is running X11.

    You can test it too typing the comand echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE inside a terminal.

    I don’t know to to change that with lightdm in the iso though.

  • @flyerguymn Try this, the selected answer might work. I can’t test it fully since wayland doesn’t work in a virtual machine apparently and I only have access to my W10 laptop right now.

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks, that suggestion did get me closer. I had to install the weston and xorg-xwayland (not exact name) packages to get that command to work. Once I did, it launched a desktop but I could not get a terminal to verify that it was a wayland session (the terminal would act like it was launching but no window would appear). Same is true about all other software - no windows would ever appear. The display settings dialog would open, but the contents of the dialog were empty.

  • @flyerguymn you can also install the gnome group and only install the gnome-shell and stuff minimal stuff if it will let you. I know the live install is running on gnome so this suggestion probably strange and probably will do nothing lol

  • @flyerguymn said in Testing Wayland from Live USB:

    I had to install the weston and xorg-xwayland

    Ok, weston is like a showcase for wayland, so if you didn’t create a config file for weston it basically won’t show you anything.

    You’ll need to create ~/.config/weston.ini with some of these configs https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wayland#Configuration

    The complete one will give you a panel with some aditional icons (which may or not work since they can be installed in Antergos iso or not)

  • Hello…If I understood you right, I should make a new net-install usb key and make a new installation with the net-inst, but I’ll encounter a bug by doing so. The work around is to be found in the bugzilla.

  • @dellpater open a new post and give some more details on what exactly you want to ask.

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