• All major browsers are very slow on wayland

    I am using Gnome on Wayland since december. About a month ago, I beginned to notice that the videos in Chrome (for example youtube) are choppy, like played with 15 fps. I tried to measure browser performance with MotionMark (https://browserbench.org/MotionMark/) and I got a score of 1. If I login on Xorg, I get score of 600 on one of my machines, and ~250 on the other. Scrolling is incomparably smoother in Xorg. I have tried Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, all resulted in single digit scores in Wayland and 3 digit scores on Xorg. I compiled Firefox from HG with Wayland support, which gets the same score as the Xorg one, but the clipboard doesn’t work (known bug). Gnome’s Epiphany also has Wayland support and it achieves a 3 digit score. Is this performance normal under Xwayland? I tried to google it, but I find comments on same or even improved performance compared to Xorg. Do anybody has an idea what could be the problem? I need wayland because of multi-dpi screen support, which by the way works great.

  • what you can see here:

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