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    In deepin the file manager is using a wrong font ( I am sure its not supposed to be that way) this ugly font is also on the desktop (files and folders’ names).
    Another place ı found that font is OBS. How can I get the proper fonts and make it look normal?

  • Hi,

    you’ll need to use dconf-editor (there should be a shortcut in the app launcher).

    in dconf-editor, use the search function and enter font.

    For every key the ‘right’ font should be Noto Sans 10 or 11 (or Noto Sans Mono 10 or 11 for monopsace keys)
    Of course, the Noto fonts have to be instaled.

    The title bar font is usually Cantarell Bold 11 and Cantarell 11 on the desktop.

    Log-out or reboot and it should work.

  • which fonts are the right ones?

  • I also had to download and set fonts manually on installation, seems it didn’t even have a default font. This feels like something that could be improved in the Antergos installer (ie include the font packages and make sure the default fonts are properly set).

  • @stingray454 The Noto fonts where added later, and some config files didn’t follow the change. When i installed Antergos with Deepin like 6 months ago, it used different fonts then an update changed them with Noto.

    In my case , it was the monospace font family wich was missing and I had to use the dconf-editor to rectify this.

    So you’re right, the Deepin version should include these changes on the installation process.

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