• Question about AMD Radeon 520 drivers

    Hi experts!

    I’m planning to buy a laptop with the graphics card in the title. I’m a novice with graphics cards in general, and AMD cards in particular. I’m not going to play games with the machine, so that is not an issue.

    Question is: do you think it will work easily on Antergos, or do I need to do some extra settings to make it work? And if settings are required, what settings should I use, and are there any additional recommended settings?

  • I have no experience with the card, so my answer will be purely based on what I’ve found on the Internet.

    The Radeon 520 GPU has a 1st Gen GCN Architecture. According to the Arch wiki GCN 1 has a couple of options. There is experimental support in the ADMGPU driver, you have the open source ATI driver and last they list the proprietary Catalyst driver.


  • Thanks for the answer.

    So a relevant question is also: is there any sense in buying a laptop with AMD graphics? This particular laptop does not have Intel graphics (which would have been much easier).

  • @manuel


    1. I have AMD pc with integrated graphics here, and is enough for light games.
    2. I never managed to install catalyst drivers here.
    3. After updates, since the last week, some conflict xorg+kernel+mesa appeared
      3.1) Sometimes can’t load the Desktop, even tty2, tty3 don’t work (error messages rolling forever) , only hard reset.

    Anyway i still recommend AMD, good quality and i hope new updates will fix these issues soon.

  • @fernandomaroto
    Thanks, hands on experience was just what I needed!
    So basically I can buy that machine without much worries.

    Problem solved! But if someone still has some more ideas/comments, please feel free to say so! :)

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