• Strange mouse behavior after update

    I just want to report my issue and the solution I found so far for others, who may have the same issue, because I couldn’t find anything in the forums.

    I’m running Antergos with Xfce as guest in a virtualbox on Windows 7 Pro.

    Some days ago after an update I couldn’t use my mouse properly anymore. After starting Antergos the mouse worked as expected for a short time but soon after an application was started (like Firefox) I could move the mouse around, but the window did not recognize it. For example I could not close the window with the icon in the upper right corner, because the icon did not become active when the mouse pointer was over it. I couldn’t open menus etc. By accident I found that a window covered by the Firefox-window was active and reacted to the left click with my mouse. It was a thunar window. But the mouse wasn’t working with the thunar window in the foreground, as it was with all other applications. I also found that if I had only open terminal windows it took quiet a while until they didn’t respond to the mouse. But most of the time I could open menus with the mouse and after opening a menu I could drag the window around and close it by clicking the icon in the upper right corner again. When I let the system and the screensaver was invoked, the mouse did not work at all when I came back.

    Fixing the issue so far:
    I first thought this behavior had something to do xfce or the xorg-server* and downgraded them from my local cache to a version prior this strange behavior happened. But this didn’t help. Then I tried the “advanced boot options” when Antergos is starting. “Linux fallback” did not help, but choosing “Linus LTS” let the mouse work as before. So I knew it has something to do with linux. I downgraded the packages linux and linux-headers from 4.17.2-1 to 4.16.13-2. Now the mouse works fine again.

    For downgrading I used the downgrade script from the antergos repository.

    I’m willing to support anybody who wants to fix this issue, since downgrading doesn’t seem a sustainable solution to me .


  • @robma said in Strange mouse behavior after update:

    but choosing “Linus LTS” let the mouse work as before


    Also logout and relogin (vanilla kernel) makes it work again untill next reboot.

  • Thanks for this info, I had the same issue. I am running with gnome in Virtualbox under Windows 10. The kernel downgrade worked for me also. I presume this behavior will persist until a kernel is released that fixes the bug.

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