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    Would some care to share the pros and cons of building a distro on Arch?

  • @xfce4me
    Hi. Well, to begin with in building one
    CONS: it’s a lot of work.

  • Pro: It has one of the best software repos out there.
    Con: You’ll be crapped on by the Arch circlejerk for not doing things “the Arch Way” if you have any kind of graphical install.

  • I haven’t built a distro based on Arch myself, so I can only comment on my observations as a user.

    The biggest pro to using an Arch based distro is having a distro with rolling release. Granted, this can also be a con if you’re not paying attention when upgrading, but I haven’t had any major issues with upgrades apart from a mishap with nvidia when they decided my gpu was too old to support in the latest drivers. But that was easily fixed.

    A close second pro is the AUR. The AUR is, for the most part, pretty amazing. And i much prefer that way of installing packages, over something like adding PPAs. The AUR keeps it much more transparent and that’s always a good thing.

    The third pro I want to list is the Arch Wiki. It’s far from perfect, but it is as far as I can tell the best resource for quick and good quality knowledge. I’ve figured out many things just by reading the Arch Wiki on my own, not having to resort to asking the community for help.

    Which brings me to the first con I see. The Arch community isn’t very supportive of Arch based distros. If it isn’t vanilla Arch, done the Arch way, you’re pretty much out of luck and have to start from scratch with a new community for that specific Arch based distro, even if the distro for the most part is an installer with new branding and a small additional repository and a high percentage of solutions for Arch would work just fine on an Arch based distro as well. Well, the last part can be a pro too, as you may end up with a community more friendly towards people just starting their Linux journey.

    As I said in the beginning, these are just my observations as a user that haven’t built a Arch based distro myself. The closest I’ve come is some of my bash scripts for automating the most tedious parts of the vanilla Arch installation process for the systems I run Arch on.

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