• Issue with some fonts in settings app

    Fresh install, had to install just basic command line, then install KDE afterwards. I installed antergos-kde-meta and plasma, but some of the fonts in my system settings are not correct. I haven’t changed any font settings away from default. Below is a screenshot of some of the pages that are messed up. Everything on the right panel, and the “Search” on the top left.


    Anyone know whats up?

  • Sorry I don’t know whats up :-(, and have not encountered this issue before.
    But I do have a 2 suggestions

    1. In System settings -->Fonts click Defaults and see if that fixes things.
    2. try changing the theme to see if that fixes things.
      2a) if it does, then try going back to the original theme you want to use.

    At the moment I’m using breeze ( I was using breeze dark but highlighting lines in kdbg wasn’t working correctly, it does in breeze)

    For the record in my setup all font selections are Noto Sans 10 except for Fixed width which is Hack 9. anti-aliasing is Vendor Default and Force Fonts DPI is off.

    Interestingly if I click on defaults the Small fonts selection changes to Noto Sans 8.
    I haven’t change any font settings myself so I am not sure why that is different.


  • @blaised Thank you for the reply! I tried what you said but unfortunately nothing changes. Default font sizes did change, but did not have an effect on the settings page

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