• Eagle and FreeCAD with black background

    After few years with Ubuntu and Mint, i’ve changed to Antergos few weeks ago, which is working like a charme.
    But i have trouble with Eagle and FreeCAD. The background of these ist black, so i couldn’t see the icons.
    I’ve played with the settings and themes but nothing happend to this behaviour.
    Any ideas?
    Tnx, Ingo

  • @ingo FreeCAD is based on QT and you may are inside a GTK based Desktop Environment?

    then you will need to change themeing with qt5ct

    As far as i know should work as it is preconfigured to do so, simple open qt5ct and set theming with this

  • @joekamprad Thank you, but nothing changed while playing with qt5ct.

  • some programms like i saw in gimp have there own theme settings inside programm settings… where you can change theme icons e.t.c.

  • I know this answer is for WPS Office on an AskUbuntu site, but it might be relevant if you can find the file in the /bin/ directory and follow the directions using something like -style GTK+ because that’s what worked for me with the WPS suite of apps with each bin file. WPS is a qt app as well.


  • @ingo Install kvantum, choose your theme in kvantum, then open qt5ct and set the theme also to kvantum.

    IMHO kvantum and qt5ct completes each other.

  • @edwin-foss OK, ist’s working for OpenSCAD, but nor for FreeCAD or Eagle. But in FreeCAD i found now Themes, which is working.

  • @Ingo
    I just built from AUR and set my theme to Adapta (my prefered is Adapta-Nokto) and look like this, but since I never learned CAD this is what I’ve got 0_1530907419853_screenshot.png
    It’s strange that doesn’t work for you, but I’m glad that you found a workaround 😁 .
    For Eagle I think I can’t help, I built successfully from AUR but I don’t have any account to proceed 😥

  • @ingo
    Oh!, I almost forgot if the program was built against QT4 running qtconfig-qt4 and change “GUI Style” to GTK+ can fix some behaviours.

  • @edwin-foss SUCCESS! qtconfig-qt4 is the solution for Eagle 6.
    Many thanks to you and the other helpers!

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