• Samba - /usr/etc is not the correct path for samba's "options" file

    Hey guys.

    The samba package, since the 4.8.x series, seems to have a brewing mistake.

    Upon install/upgrade it creates /usr/etc/samba/sysconfig/samba which is the totally wrong directory path and spot for the file in question … /etc/conf.d would be more appropriate, given there’s already a “samba” options file from a previous version.

    Thanks for looking into it / correcting the recipe. ;)

  • @phunk-n-further said in Samba - /usr/etc is not the correct path for samba's "options" file:


    but as /etc/conf.d/samba is also created by latest samba package, it is may created by reason?
    and where is a “leftover” config file from previous version ?

  • Thanks for the link @joekamprad

    Didn’t really occur to me to go and look at what Arch did.


    (yes, I made a typo in my OP regarding the path/file)

    Alright, so it’s Arch themselves who seem to have introduced the issue. Well, nevermind then. I’ll simply deal with it myself and devise a “automated deletion” to keep the place nice and tidy.

  • i think that it is there for a reason, but hard to get a info why on arch wiki as it say nothing about this path…

  • The /usr/etc/sysconfig/samba file is identical to the /etc/conf.d/samba file. So my guess is that it’s a backup file in case you want to revert back to default config.

  • Or it is indeed something that went wrong packaging it. Who knows :)

    (sorry for 2 posts in a row, but I can’t edit my posts for some reason).

  • @joekamprad It’s very likely a packaging error or at least an artifact from the build process, unless the LSB has been changed (/etc suddenly relocated into /usr/etc) without anyone noticing.

    It’s not really a bug , it’s just a slight inconvenience which can be easily rectified by adding a “fix-ups” script into the boot-process to do some house-keeping.

    I just thought the Antergos packagers could cast some magic to counteract the mistake, that’s all.

    I’d file a report with Arch, but last time I checked they don’t take reports from users not running their proper OS very kindly.

  • Archlinux do not support other then pure archlinux yes.
    And samba from archlinux repositories.
    So we can not change this.
    But if it is a failure they will solve this on archlinux.

  • I asked in the arch channel on irc (yeah, I have another pure archlinux box with samba too), and the response was that it probably is a packaging error. They seemed to think usr/etc sounded a bit strange. So probably a prefix=/usr that have been misplaced somewhere in the build process.

  • so hopefully it will be fixed into the next update ;)

  • Yeah, maybe. I opened a bug report with Arch, set it to the lowest priority possible since it doesn’t actually break anything, it’s just a bit strange.

  • The samba package has now been updated by the packager in the arch repo. It was just a couple of lines that was missing in the PKGBUILD for the package, but now it shouldn’t contain these files in /usr/etc anymore.

  • @searedvandal said in Samba - /usr/etc is not the correct path for samba's "options" file:


    ls  /usr/etc/     
    ls: cannot access '/usr/etc/': No such file or directory
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