• login loop after new install

    Hi everyone I have fixed this but thought I would put it here in case it happens to anyone else.
    I did a fresh install and after reboot when I log in it restarts the laptop and I re-enter my password and then it reboots, and so on.
    After some investigation, I found it was the new kernel that was the problem, used the rollback on boot and ran with the LTS kernel and problem fixed, Hope this info helps someone else.

  • interesting… Thanks for the Info!

  • This post is deleted!
  • Have you tried a reinstall, because many people mention that Cnchi has some problems at the moment. Maybe your install of the kernel didn’t go that smooth as it should be.
    I’m running the new kernel on three machines and they all boot and start like it should be.

  • @bryanpwo Hi Mate, yep tried 2 installs and also tried on the HDD and the SSD.
    I then installed Manjaro and it worked fine, however, I did the kernel upgrade to the latest one and Manjaro then did the same thing.
    So bingo I reinstalled Antergos and had the problem of it keep rebooting, then told it to use the LST kernel and hay presto it booted no problem.

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