• How do I create a Java program shortcut?

    hoi hoi!

    I just installed jDiskReport and in KDE pressing alt+space brings up a run dialog and i type jdiskreport a “run jdiskreport” result shows up and i can launch it as any other program.

    but i cannot find it in the menu and was wondering how one goes about manually creating a shortcut?

  • @premier69
    Which Desktop are you using?

    Shortcuts are simple text files, and their filenames end with .desktop.

    Basically you should be able to create one using the right mouse click on the desktop. But that depends on your chosen Desktop.

    You may also search them on a terminal like this:

    find ~/ -iname \*.desktop  # your $HOME directories
    find /usr/share/applications -iname \*.desktop  # system directories

    Those .desktop files are quite similar, so you could manually create them, too.

    When you find some, you may just copy one of them to

  • Sorry, the last line on the previous post wasn’t meant to be there. :)

  • You mentioned menu and KDE, so…
    right click on the Application Launcher icon, select Edit Applications.
    Then select a meaningful group and click on New Item, enter the name you want in the popup dialog.
    The right hand pane now has details for the menu item
    At the minimum fill in the Command item, in your case it should be the path to jdiskreport.
    You can click on the blank button on the right hand side to select and the icon for the menu entry.

  • @blaised
    Oh! and most importantly click on Save before closing KDE menu editor.

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