• Is it my idea or...

    Linuxmint support on #linuxmint-help is F.T.D? For.The.(Male Genital) <-- Greek expression when something/one is worthless.
    I’ve been so frustrated with people in general that i have started to misunderstand and block people even relatives and friends from both social networks and real life.

    I asked a question, waited… asked another one, then i typed:
    “This is one of the very few times i 've used kiwiirc can you see my messages?” someone said yes then i waited then i repeated both questions… and then i started
    “From the city i come and on top cinnamon” <-- Greek expression used to describe when someone/thing doesnt make any sense, then i typed:
    “Apparently i sweep the desert”
    Moderator: dreamtraveler for personal ramblings join #linuxmint-chat
    Me: its an expression meaning that weather i ask a question or not is in vein
    Moderator: For weather talk join #linuxmint-chat
    Me: *whether
    Me: Enjoy!
    dreamtraveler has left the building.

  • @dreamtraveler said in Is it my idea or...:
    may Moderator is a bot ;)

  • @joekamprad e ma den mporw allo (i cant stand it anymore)

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