• Install the OS without internet ?

    Hi everyone, I found this OS and I was interested, then I want to install it on a PC, what I have never used befor, because the PC have not a Wlan card installed… I have booted a USB-Stick and all works fine,
    BUT the installer want a internet connection…😕 Now I want ask: Is there any installer with the full version of antergos or give it a other way to install ? If no, I want gladly point out, that it would be great, if it give a full OS for a Usb-stick. Many have internet, but sometimes it would be better, it give a alternative link for antergos 😃
    I hope you understand enought of my english xD
    Thank you for answers 😉


  • Rolling release and offline install do not fit very goos together… as it will need to create a new installer every week or so to have it up to date, and as Antergos is providing 6 Desktop Environments it would be a big big installer then… and way to much work to keep this aviable…

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