• Unclickable desktop icons and mangled panels

    Like the title says, as of around a week ago or so whenever I boot, I need to run a script to restart KDE because none of the icons on
    my desktop react to my mouse at all. The taskbar still responds though.

    I’ve also noticed since I installed that some of the system settings panels can be a bit mangled, like with buttons going into or below text.

  • Tried to edit the first post but couldn’t for some reason. I have a GTX 970 with the latest nvidia drivers from pamac, if this is driver related. On the current kernel.

  • I also had some problems with KDE. But they appeared in Plasma 5.13. In another distribution (kde neon) they were also. Nvidia 750 TI. I think this is a Plasma problem and it’s worth waiting for the fix (or send a bug report).
    alt text

  • Hi!

    I have same problem today after full system upgrading .
    Now I am trying to downgrade packages to lower version. I will reply here if it solves the issue.

  • I have downgraded all related to kde packages to 5.12, but there is one package that I can’t downgrade:
    Because it broke dependency: “kuiserver”. What I can do?

  • Does the problem temporarilly disappear if you logout and relogin?

  • I know it’s not the solution you’re looking for, but untill the bug is solved you can add those icons also in your workspacebar, in there theyre clickable.

  • Just came up with the proper word for it: Taskbar, just in case you’re wondering what I meant.

  • @fernandomaroto It fixes the unclickable desktop icons! Until now I ran
    killall plasmashell
    kstart plasmashell
    In order to fix that, but good to know there’s another way. Unfortunately the mangled settings panels are still there.

  • There has been a big KDE/Plasma update yesterday and it solved the problem.

  • In my case, the problem is not solved.

  • @tuxnot
    Does it work when you create another user?

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