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    I’d be grateful if someone could do a comparison of each of the desktop environments available with Antergos. I’d be most interested to know how each rank in terms of speed/weight, customizability and ease of use.

  • i think that comparison desktop environments its
    individual case and if you have free time test all desktop environments and choose what you prefer.

    generally but its my opinion:

    lightest (speed) : xfce -> mate -> cinnamon - >deepin -> kde -> gnome3
    modern: gnome3 -> kde -> deepin -> cinnamon -> mate -> xfce

    as you can see fast desktop environment disclaims new modern desktop that use more memory

    in few desktops you can connect your google account (cinnamon, gnome, kde) to sync your files, emails, calendar which is a big advantage

  • @xfce4me
    DE is mostly a matter of personal taste.
    I use Xfce since it is light, customizable and really easy to use.
    But I’d say apps are more important than DE. We are using the apps, right? :)
    And in addition to that, apps designed for other DEs usually can be used on any DE. For example, I’m using dolphin and konsole on Xfce, and they are working very well.

  • Like @joksik already said, it depends heavily on your preferences, skills and most importantly your hardware. Not every DE runs smooth on all machines.
    My take on this is:

    If you want an out of the box DE: Gnome, Mate, Cinnamon and Deepin.
    If you don’t mind easy and fast costumisation: XFCE and KDE.
    For intermediate users the very costumizable: I3-wm and Openbox.
    For hardware till 2 gb RAM: XFCE, I3-wm, Openbox, Mate and KDE (Not a typo, despite what most people think of KDE)
    For hardware from 4 gb RAM and above runs all of the DE smooth.

    This is based on my experiences on my three machines over here.

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