• Install discord


    added the pub keys and solved it to install and so on.

    now it running test… like forever… is that suppose to happen or…

    thansk in advance for answers, if any!

  • It’s just finnished.
    Questions still remains, are AUR suppose to take so long time? With testing and all? The testing was on libc+.

  • Its because it was compiling the app, not testing it. Compiling takes the source code of a program (the instructions in a human readable format basically) and turns it into a binary file (which is what the computer actually understands)

  • yes as @jardragon901 say if you take a Programm aviable on AUR it will download a PKGBUILD and some needed files and start building the programm from sources, by downoading a tarball and building it… installation will be done after package is build successfull…

  • Aha, good to know :)
    Was confused when it said testing 10… 20… and so on 2 times… took like a lifetime to build, but I don’t mind. It works, and thats great :)

    Thank you for anwers.

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