• nvidia-390xx-lts dependency issue


    trying to update the system today I get this message:

    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: nvidia-390xx-lts: requires nvidia-390xx-utils=390.59

    Now, my current version of nvidia-390xx-utils is 390.59.1 - I wonder if this version is too new for the nvidia-390xx-lts update…

    Thanks for any help on this.

  • @avillavecesn
    Just checked, nvidia-390xx-lts version is 1:390.59-3 (2018-May-31) and nvidia-390xx-utils is 390.67-2 (2018-Jun-9).

    So nvidia-390xx-lts needs an update. It is from Arch, and they haven’t updated yet…

  • @avillavecesn
    As a temporary solution, could you use non-lts versions instead?
    It means also using non-lts linux.
    Or simply not upgrade just yet.

  • you can use dkms package, as it builds modules itself against installed kernels…

    Last Updated: 2018-06-01 07:28 UTC

    Last Updated: 2018-06-17 21:17 UTC

  • @manuel I may just wait for the upgrade. I was out of town since late May and didn’t upgrade this desktop since then; this may be the reason why the upgrades seem to have gotten out of sync (at least locally) - I may just wait (especially since nvidia upgrades=updates have become so unstable lately in arch)

  • @avillavecesn
    OK, but Joe’s idea about dkms versions is also well worth considering if you need to have it working soon.

  • @manuel a few weeks ago I had lots of trouble with the non-working nvidia-390xx upgrade - I tried the dkms versions but they seemed to create a lot of extra trouble

    at this point seeing the word “nvidia” somehow signals trouble ahead with updates/upgrades

  • @avillavecesn said in nvidia-390xx-lts dependency issue:

    at this point seeing the word “nvidia” somehow signals trouble ahead with updates/upgrades

    So true, unfortunately. :(

  • I’ve been spying this thread for a bit. Just curious if there was a eh, release date hush hush on the nvidia-390xx-lts drivers release.
    I saw you said dkms might be alright, but honestly I don’t know enough yet to know if whats going on, are you switching drivers or building driver version something from scratch, and I’m not a build person so idk what im getting into.

    With my bottom line, I’m just saying I had everything working, just waiting on the 390lts cause theres a lagg that just is a pain in the A at times, lol

    It’s my fault really, should have known that close when that update happened it said it didn’t want it, and like a dumbass I click stuff before coming here to check.
    cool…a giant red shtf go here link shows in pamac, then a giant hand smacks you from the 3D printer and says don’t upgrade your video stuff yet ya dumbass lol

    Baaah, sry just having fun, I need to learn not to click , read first when it says can’t do it lol

    but it is laggy and gonna wait till update to 390xx-lts and just tell bootload to goto linux and not linux-lts with arrow keys at boot till fixed haha

  • @firespray The concept is to have DKMS modules automatically rebuilt when a new kernel is installed.


    So the nvidia-w.e.t.f.n.i.h.-DKMS-package is bulding the modules/drivers against the current installed kernels and will rebuild them automatic on every update of the kernels. so also if you have both kernels installed (main and LTS) it will bring modules for both, and more also for every custom installed kernel!

  • I think I understand. So basically you remove, in my case nvidia-390xx-linux and nvidia-390xx-linux-lts and install nvidia-390xx-dkms and it takes what it needs from source to still function, like in this case the nvidialts was last to get updated so lts could have been working? I think I said that right.

    Does this mean the dkms packages are like an auto build of a package that makes it work when the OS goes up a version?
    This would imply, to me anyway, that when a driver is updated, package is adjusted in some way that tells it it is compatible? I know theres more to it than that, but is that basically what it does?
    Are dkms packages something that will be more common, and are they pretty reliable?

  • more common not, as far as i can see most users using the normal packages, and the rest is right, it updates the driver modules for every kernels installed when they get updated.

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