• Can I use antergos to recover windows on a failing hard drive?

    I’ve asked somewhere for help on fixing a blue screen problem that stops my pc from booting, and a few people suggested something with using live sessions of antergos to reinstall windows and recover my data (since the auto repair isn’t working and just causes more blue screens)

    I’m just asking if it’s actually feasible, and how to do it. Stop codes CACHE_MANAGER and BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO for reference

  • @rw250
    Short answer: you can backups your Windows and your personal data using e.g. the Antergos USB installer. Or if you have dual boot, you can do the same with the installed Antergos, since Antergos is able to read Windows partitions.

    Repairing Windows booting depends on what the reason for the problem is. In some cases it is possible to boot Windows using Antergos boot loader.
    But in general, a linux system cannot repair Windows. For that you must use repair or recovery stuff from Windows.

  • Anyway, from your description it seems that the best approach is to backup your personal data from Windows using e.g. Antergos installer USB stick, and then reinstall Windows.

    The bonus here is that you have an Antergos USB installer stick ready for later use!
    Like installing Antergos side to side with Windows, or replace Windows altogether with Antergos… ;)

  • @manuel
    Thanks for your answers

  • if the drive is failing on the hardware side i would take systemrescuecd
    it includes all needed tools to get your data saved to another drive or service, and includes howtos to windows and the use of linux tools to recover windows system files…


  • First of all, you need to try to restore system with using windows restore tools.
    (System Restore and Startup Repair)

    Antergos Live and other images on Linux can help in removing malware in windows (requires additional installation of packages, Internet is needed), editing the registry (not very convenient, but possible) and of course copying / transferring important data.

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