• Antergos installer crashes at the end

    Thank god I’m not the only one who has problems and issues with the forum. I guess it’s meant to be fancy, not functional? :p Good old fluxbb would give us a much better user experience (in my humble opinion)

    And thanks @ricjac for providing a workaround for those with troubles installing KDE.

  • @searedvandal Unfortunately the work-around doesn’t quite work.

    Possible work arounds are:

    1. Somehow get cnchi to use ONLY liblastfm-qt4-1.0.9-3 instead of liblastfm-qt5-1.1.0.r637-3
    2. Fix .sig file of liblastfm-qt5-1.1.0.r637-3 so that checksum check works

    Any ideas?

  • liblastfm-qt5-1.1.0.r637-3 is in the Antergos repo, while liblastfm-qt5-1.0.9 is in the Arch repo, and so is liblastfm-qt4-1.0.9-3, so cnchi uses the Antergos repo by default

  • IT WORKS!!!

    USe this work-around, until the Antergos build guy gets back from holidays/vaction, and fixes the build server and a new version of liblastfm-qt5 is published


    As pointed out liblastfm-qt5 is the cuplrit (dependency for Clementine -> antergos-kde-meta), this time we will remove the clementine dependency from antergos-kde-meta.

    We do this by updating package.xml and replacing antergos-kde-meta with the dependencies (with clementine removed).

    run cnchi specifying the package.xml file - and it works!!!

    NOTE: to speed things up (if you’ve done multiple install attempts), I recommend copying the pkg cache to a USB or virtual drive, and let cnchi know you have a cache, this means you don’t have to download all packages again

  • Can people “like” my above post ^^ so I can get past the restriction of no more than 1 post every 300 seconds - it sucks

  • **Update: ** Thanks for the ‘likes’ guys, I don’t have the restriction any longer :)

  • Hi,

    Build server is working again.

    A problem with the kalu package prevented installing Openbox, and as you all guessed, a problem with liblastfm-qt5 prevented installing KDE Plasma.

    The correct versions of these packages are:

    kalu 4.3.0-3
    liblastfm-qt5 1.1.0.r637-4

    Please, bear in mind that mirrors need some time until they are all fully updated, so depending on which mirror you use (and how often updates itself) you can still experience this issue for a few hours.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Nobody ever said that things were going to be easy.
    All work is valued much more when it costs effort and dedication to achieve it.
    We are many who value your work enormously.
    Thanks for being there.
    A hug, Juan

  • so funny both kde and openbox were the versions i was trying to install yesterday with no luck :D

    i had no idea what was going on until i logged back in today lol

    i finally installed base and vanilla kde after.


  • All good with the new iso.

  • I was getting crashes when setting up user name in cnchi. And it wouldn’t reopen again unitll I rebooted .

    Solved by running “sudo cnchi” in terminal.
    Installing fine now.

  • closing– for similar issue open new post…

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