• Kdenlive message about missing library/plugin

    I’ve installed Kdenlive , and as I opened the application a small window popped up saying that I should install a certain library or plugin (something like freier or similar) that is essential for many functions of the application.
    Unfortunately I was stupid enough to not take note of the name of such plugin/library (it was something like ‘freier’) and now I can’t find this library/plugin that I should install.

    I uninstalled Kdenlive and reinstalled hoping to see the same message popping up, but it didn’t.
    Does anybody know what library/plugin is that doesn’t get installed by default?

  • check optional dependencies inside pamac:
    0_1529182774388_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-06-16 22-59-05.png

  • @joekamprad said in Kdenlive message about missing library/plugin:

    check optional dependencies inside pama

    I checked but it’s not among them.
    Is there a way to totally remove any trace of an application from the system?
    I used ‘pacman -Rsn kdenlive’ command to uninstall the application hoping to get the same popup when reinstalling. But clearly uninstalling with such command still left traces of my choice as I didn’t get the popup again after I reinstalled.

  • sudo pacman -S frei0r-plugins


  • @joekamprad thanks that was the name of the plugin.

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