• Update broke my system

    I updated everything with yaourt and pacman last week and then my laptop wouldn’t boot. I’m not sure what to do to fix it the error seems to be when starting the authorisation manager and the accounts service. There’s also a tpm error, whatever that is, that appeared after an update a while back and is still present but didn’t stop the laptop booting.


  • hi.
    Firstly, TPMis Trusted Platform Module.
    If at some point in time, you don’t need or want this module just
    echo blacklist tpm_tis > /etc/modprobe.d/tpm_tis.conf
    basically what this does is disable the security chip.
    It does not disable it within the BIOS as operating systems do not control BIOS.

    Also, you state that an update broke your system.
    It’s fairly challenging to see what broke what as there’s no pacman log.

  • This might help, restart the laptop and select to start with the LTS kernel,

  • @watkins try to login after going to TTY2 by pressing [Ctrl+alt+F2]

    then you will be able to runn commands like @Modisc give you and also check systemctl status polkit.service
    may you need simple to rebuild kernel images to fix the issue sudo mkinitcpio -p linuxor sudo mkinitcpio -p linux-lts if you are using LTS Kernel…

    you can also get logs and provide them like we give here:


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