• Does antergos phone home?

    For instance, the machine id used for error reporting, is it also used for other stuff such as tracking installs?

    Also are you given a choice rather or not you would like to send an error report?

  • This is not Windows10, nor is it Ubuntu… so there is a reason that you’re asked for error logs in the forum to solve a problem.

    Arch users (and people using Arch based distros) are very privacy and security consious, on a tin foil hat level (yeah, me too) so any evidence of tracking would mean the end of that distro.

  • Like @MrEcks said; Antergos doesn’t have commercial- or other intentions, it’s made by Arch and Linux enthousiasts, without a major company behind them. If the system is asking for a report, then it is purely used for improving Antergos. If an error report is asked on the forum, it is asked by us the community, just to help you out. As an additional note to this: Moderators on this forum are regular Antergos users with a status, most of them have a large knowledge of Antergos and Arch and have shared that knowledge over here. So when one of them ask you for an error report, it is asked to help you out.
    Having said that, there’s only one thing to say:
    Welcome to the Antergos community and most of all enjoy this great distro.✌ ☺

  • Hi,

    I would like to add that if you’re worried about your privacy, here we have our privacy policy statement. Read it carefully.



  • Thanks everyone for responding! I was talking about the error reports mentioned in the privacy policy, as linked to by karasu.

    I haven’t been using antergos for long, and I have had no difficulties, so I am unaware of what happens when you do have some problems. Is the error report automatically sent or are you asked first.

  • I think Karasu gave you that answer in your other post.

  • Yep 100% correct! I didn’t see that.

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