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    In the privacy policy it talks about how the error reporter uses a unique id. Do you know if the unique is is used for anything else? For example when you are performing an update?

    Also, are errors automatically reported, or does it ask before sending?

  • Hi,

    First, let me say that we do NOT collect any personal information (that is, none that the user hasn’t given us directly, like email and personal data when registering to our forum).

    The id you mention is only used in the installation process. We use it to store any warning or error messages that might arise during the process. It helps us see if an error (or warning) is repeating for many users.

    It is not used anywhere else or with any other purposes.

    This id CANNOT identify you nor your machine. It’s the id you see if an error arises while installing Antergos so you can tell us and we can check the error to know what has happened.

    As most of the time we need the full logs we need to ask the user to send them all to us anyways. 😆

    Hope this clarifies things ;)



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