• Automount RAID with VeraCrypt

    Goal: to create RAID1 and encrypt it using VeraCrypt (so if one drive fails, I can connect it to any OS with VC installed and access my data). Then make sure that VC volume (which is on RAID1) gets decrypted/automounted during startup of antergos. So I guess steps are the following:

    1. Create RAID1 volume (/dev/md0).
    2. Encrypt RAID1 volume.
    3. Automount /dev/md0 which is encrypted using VeraCrypt at /mnt/raid1 (or whatever name).
    4. Decrypt and automount /mnt/raid1 at /mnt/decrypted_volume (or whatever name).

    I created RAID1 from sda/sdb using mdadm and enabled automount in fstab:

    UUID=xxx /mnt/raid1 ext4 defaults 0 0

    Works well. However, now I need to encrypt whole RAID volume using VeraCrypt. I can see/select /dev/md0 in VeraCrypt and encrypt it. However, once I do so and reboot, system fails to start and I’m dropped into maintenance mode. The only way to boot system again - remove that line from fstab.

    Unfortunately, even if system starts, I can’t mount encrypted RAID. Doing mount /dev/md0 /mnt/raid1 returns errors wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock

    I guess it happens because VeraCrypt changes whole filesystem at /dev/md0 from ext4 to its own encrypted volume, while fstab and mdadm.com are still set to use ext4. What can I do now to achieve my goal?

    If some of my initial steps are wrong, please also let me know.

  • I somehow got VC to work without mounting RAID at all, and would love to hear experts’ opinions. This is what I did after RAID volume was created and encrypted.

    1. Created /mnt/veracrypt-raid1 directory
    2. Created key file with VC password (which I used to encrypt whole RAID1 volume) at /etc/veracrypt.key
    3. Added this line to /etc/crypttab
    veracrypt-raid1 /dev/md0 /etc/veracrypt.key tcrypt-veracrypt
    1. Added this line to /etc/fstab
    /dev/mapper/veracrypt-raid1 /mnt/veracrypt-raid1 ext4 defaults 0 0

    Rebooted system several times to ensure everything works. blkid displays /dev/mapper/veracrypt-raid1: UUID=“xxx” TYPE=“ext4” now and I can also enter /mnt/veracrypt-raid1

    Then I entered Dolphin and added /mnt/veracrypt-raid1 as a new Place called Data. With this in mind, I hope that every time I add some file to Data, it will be automatically encrypted and mirrored.

    Since this is my very first Linux experience, I would appreciate your comments and fixes (if any).

  • you are inside deep-space with all this encryption and Raid and LVM, as most Desktop users do not mind about this things so much ;)

    But you are diving very nice so far, may some users using this can give some hints.

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