• Put HDD to sleep permanently

    Hello =)

    i got an laptop with two drives (ssd & hdd). Since I don’t need the HDD atm and it’s making quite some noise and vibrations, I want to put it in sleep mode (and also save some battery).

    Using hdparm i can do it manually, even using this ArchWIKI tip works fine and the drive spins off during boot.
    The problem is, as soon as i login (KDE) the drive spins up again and won’t go back to sleep - ever. I can’t figure out why and all tips i’ve found didn’t work (udev rules).

    it’s /dev/sda/ and not mounted nor partitioned

    Thanks for any help 👍

  • disconnecting it from power…

  • Thanks for your reply, that’s the last resort if there is really no other way.

  • @larafi
    But you can turn if off manually with hdparm, even after login? Didn’t quite get your logic fully I’m afraid…

  • yes, manually its working, but a bit annoying to do every reboot.

  • @larafi
    Does your system boot from the HDD?

  • I’m not using KDE, so don’t know its details. In Xfce there’s a GUI settings manager app that allows setting the session startup programs, probably KDE has something similar.

    But if you use a terminal frequently, you could put that hdparm command to your ~/.bashrc file.

  • Thanks a thousand times!
    I feel kind of stupid… it’s sooooo obvious. Using a startup programm/script works fine.

  • @larafi Maybe we all tend to think too complicated… Simple solutions are often the best. :)

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