• Can't create a quicklaunch for PlayOnLinux

    I’ve installed Antergos with KDE desktop on my system.
    My only issue is that I cannot create a PlayOnLinux launcher, neither on the menu or the taskbar.
    When PlayOnLinux is installed, no menu entry is created in the menu. So I created one manually (and I think I know how to do that). But it doesn’t work. If I pin the app in the taskbar to create a quicklauncher in the taskbar I get the same message I get when launching the app from the menu entry I created .
    The error message says:
    ‘unable to run the command specified . The file or folder pithon2.7 does not exists’

    Never had problems with setting menu entries or quick launch with other applications. PlayOnLinux is the only one to give me this issue.

  • @sonnet
    You don’t have python2 installed?

  • It may be a bit faulty… Launcher icon is missing.

    I got the launcher to the taskbar in the normal way of right-clicking the app on the start menu, but there is no icon in the taskbar.
    Then I just right-clicked the launcher on the taskbar (place where playonlinux launcher exists), clicked the empty icon placeholder, searched the icon (/usr/share/playonlinux/etc/playonlinux.png).

    I’m not using KDE normally, so there may be a better way to do this…

  • @sonnet right click , add to favorites, in favorites bar, right click, add to desktop or add to panel

  • @manuel : no I don’t have it.
    Honestly I didn’t I should. PlayOnLinux seems to be working fine when launched from the terminal.
    It’s just the launcher that apparently seems to need it (or at least this is what the error message seems to lead to)

  • @sonnet
    Then you could check what the launcher does and do the same without python2 … :)

  • @sonnet
    How did you install playonlinux? Using package manager?

  • @sonnet
    On i3-wm my shortcut at xfce4-panel is simply playonlinux, it’s working fine here… (i have python2 installed)

  • Thanks guy I got it sorted thanks to you.
    I tried to reply yesterday but somehow the forum’s connection was acting up and wouldn’t let me post.

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