• lightdm show wallpaper from desktop

    i use cinnamon DE and in many arch based distro i use slick-greeter so i
    install from aur lightdm-slick-greeter change in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf from
    greeter-session=lightdm-webkit2-greeter to greeter-session=slick-greeter and i install lightdm-settings and here comes the problem.

    when i change the background in lightdm-settings to background from /usr/share/background/antergos when the lightdm starts i see my wallpaper only for 2-3 seconds after that wallpapers is change itself to wallpepers from my desktop. i dont know why ;/ i have first time this issue. i can attatch my lightdm.conf and log




  • i am using slick greeter also for long now and never have this here… but may it is related to cinnamon itself then…

    Your logs and config are the same like what i get here.

    Or do you have this only with this specific wallpaper folder?

  • @joksik

    What does command

    ls -l /usr/share/backgrounds/

    show you?

  • @manuel

    ls -l /usr/share/backgrounds/
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   22 01-08 02:58 antergos -> ../antergos/wallpapers
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 3488 06-12 19:04 gnome

    @joekamprad i try many diffrents folders. the results always is the same. i see wallpapers what i set in lightdm-settings for few seconds after that wallpaper is change to wallpapers what i have on my desktop

  • this reminds me on a option from like: use wallpaper from user if aviable… but this is from lightdm-gtk-greeter ?

  • i check and i dont have installed lightdm-gtk-greeter

  • It’s a new feature of slick-greeter and it’s also a lightdm-settings bug as I reported here https://forum.antergos.com/topic/10083/missing-lightdm-settings-option.


    sudo nano /etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf

    Then add (or modify) at the end of the file :


    Should do the trick.

  • @papa33 thx !!! now everything’s work as it should ;) i reported this bug on slick-greeter github page. maybe they fix lightdm-settings and add option to enable/disable this new feature

  • Good community work here :)

  • @joksik Glad it helped! Note that the option actually exists and is present in Manjaro. You could do a (dirty) fix by installing the Manjaro package, and you’ll get the option (I mean I tested this and it worked). Manjaro package is v1.2.0 whereas Antergos/Arch is v1.2.1. But in Mint, they have v1.2.1, and it’s working…
    Note also that if you run lightdm-settings without sudo privileges, you get the option! (But of course you can’t save any change that you made).

  • @papa33 interesting. so i search the web why under manjaro lightdm-settings works and i found that they have the same bug but they fix it. its all here:


  • sorry for refresh but now i have a free time to look more into subject why only under antergos lightdm-settings not working. So i see manjaro team add patch to lightdm-settings that add this missing new option. Patch can be download from here:


    If i correct we have two options:

    1. add to antergos repo lightdm-settings with this patch
    2. contact with author from aur who maintain this package to include this patch to pkgbuild
  • @joksik Thanks a lot for the feedback. The latest version of the patch seems to be the following:
    I downloaded it and modified the PKGBUILD of the aur package accordingly, in order to apply it–> makepkg -s
    –>Install the generated package

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