• Antergos based simple home server

    Moderators, I wasn’t quite sure
    I have written a combination how to / tutorial on how to install a simple home server on Antergos. It features ssh file transfers for Linux, Samba file transfers for window, and minidlna for streaming to DLNA compatible devices, including Rhythmbox.

    It is written in a LibreOffice .odt file. You can download this file here
    Download here


  • @pudge

    Well the link didn’t work, and I don’t see anyway to edit the post.

    Go to here

    And click on Antergos based simple home computer

    Also, I started to say to the moderators that I wasn’t sure what catagory to put this in. Since it is for installing antergos as server I chose Installation. Hope that’s OK


  • editing posts is not working at the forum… thats a unsolved bad bug…

    I would say feel free to add your howto to the wiki, but as it is a very long one, it is may o.k. to have it here as a link…

    And i read a bit into it (not fully jet) and i like it very understandable and with a bunch of extra infos aside.
    Nice work!

  • @joekamprad
    Thank you for the compliment.


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