• KDE problems with wifi password and wallet

    On a fresh install, KDE keeps prompting for wifi password on every login. Chrome prompts to create a wallet. I didnt create one yet and cancel the dialog.

    One of the recommended solutions I found online was to disable wallet using kwalletmanager, but this seems bad as it seems many apps use wallet.

    I’ve seen arch wiki - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/KDE_Wallet but that doesn’t offer any guidance and is complex, I don’t know what to do. e.g. it says “Chrome/Chromium has built in wallet integration. To enable it, run Chromium with the --password-store=kwallet or --password-store=detect argument”, but Chrome is already prompting for KDE wallet password so is that not needed?

    What is pam ? Do I need kwallet-pam and these steps linked in arch wiki - https://www.dennogumi.org/2014/04/unlocking-kwallet-with-pam/? Again seems really complex.

    When I used Kubuntu a while ago I had none of these issues so I’m guessing it has some things configured differently? I just want KDE to remember my wifi password and not see any useless prompts.

  • Which displaymanager are you using?

  • If you use sddm then after setting the Kwallet manager, everything should work without KDE constantly asking for a password.

  • I am using sddm. I followed the siki to switch to sddm but am still prompted for password after login and by Chrome. How can I reset things?

  • Since I don’t have this problem, I investigated what I did at first install (Iforgot what I did, but I disabled kwallet. I remember that it also drove me crazy.

  • I think if you disable kwallet, it disables KDEs ability to remember any password, including wifi?

    The funny thing is I have Antergos installed on another laptop, KDE too, and I never had any problems there and its on the same wifi. I dont know what has changed.

  • I’m also surprised at your wifi pw problem, but I do have kwallet disabled and my machine connects automatically to wif.i

  • Hi.
    Are you logging in to desktop without password/user name prompt?

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