• Antergos crashes

    So, a fee days ago I try to install Inkscape but the terminal answer with “the requested url returned error 404” so I trie to install another thing but it happened the same. Today i was working as usual and then all windows were closed, i can’t even shutdown my laptop, so I click on my power button to reboot. Everything was going well again but then happened the same. What could be the problem?

    Also today I can install inkscape, but then my laptop crashes, so when i reboot inkscape wasn’t in my applications, but it appears to be installed in the store. Help :(

  • @lionband
    Are you sure you are not using Windows? ;)

    But to be on-topic, could you show us the output (URL) of a command

    journalctl -b -0 | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1
  • @lionband
    Try upgrading your system with
    sudo pacman -Syu and then reboot the system.

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