• antergos crashes after set time?

    Hi all,
    I recently installed antergos, and among other gripes, the system freezes after a consistent amount of time, only a hard reboot will fix it. Any ideas?
    Could this have to do with limited HDD space? (I’ve used around 9.5/10GB)

  • @ecbcat20
    Well, there’s no set time for that. ;)
    But limited HDD space could cause problems.

    Could you show the output (URL) of command

    journalctl -b -0 | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1
  • @manuel Yes… give me a day. Im taking a break from using it due to sheer frustration, im now back on my macbook .

  • @ecbcat20
    Take your time and relax! :)

  • @manuel hi! so im back, and it would appear i have solved the problem. There was an SD card in the computer, and i had stupidly set it as SWAP (at least 4GB of it), and i noticed that in CrOS, it would bootloop the computer after awhile, so i attributed Antergos’ crashing to this issue. I will go and format the card and reinstall correctly this time.

  • @starrider
    SD card is not the best hardware for swap… It is slow, and may wear quite fast.

    How much RAM do you have? If you have at least 8GB, then you most likely don’t need swap at all. And even with 4GB you might not need swap, if you never have much stuff (i.e. many “heavy” apps) running on RAM.

  • @manuel I have 2GB

  • @starrider Even that amount might go without swap, but then you can’t use many (heavy) apps at the same time.
    And you can follow RAM usage e.g. in a terminal window running command htop (or anything similar, there are many alternatives).

    But OK, you could create a swap, it shouldn’t hurt much, just the space it takes. Anyway, it is useful to use htop to follow RAM usage.

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