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    Ok, I have a bit of a newbie question. I installed Antergos + deepin, and everything has been working great. I “shopped around” a bit in the “Add / remove software” app and added some package (I sadly forget exactly which one, think it was a radeon vulkan driver). I soon realized I didn’t really need this package and clicked to uninstall it, but then I got “This will also remove the following packages:” followed by basically the entire OS - all Deepin packages and a ton other basic stuff. Naturally I didn’t do this, but I’m just wondering - aren’t the base packages installed from the OS installer marked as “necessary” packages somehow? Or is it just Pacman that thinks that since nothing depends on those packages, it’s ok to remove them?

    Nothing happened as I didn’t uninstall anything, but it could be easy to accidentally remove way too much of the OS by mistake. Can I avoid this somehow?

  • @stingray454
    If you want to uninstall something, naturally it is essential to know what to uninstall. So you should find out which package is no more needed.
    The good thing is that these days disks are quite large, so only seldom you really have to uninstall anything, unless the package does some real harm.

    But you think it was radeon vulkan driver. You could check your packages e.g. with command

    pacman -Qet

    which gives you a list of explicitly installed packages that are not required by any other package. See which one you’d like to uninstall, but be careful not to uninstall anything you are actually using.

    You could also show here the output of command


    just to check about your hardware requirements, since you wish to remove a driver.

  • Yes, I’m aware about explicitly installed packages, it’s basically everything I have installed manually. That wasn’t the case here though.

    The thing is I selected “add this package” and it had no dependencies, then when I immediately after selected “remove this package”, it said it would uninstall stuff like the WM / DE, login manager, x11 packages, samba and whatever else it was. I’m just curious as to why. Maybe the package was an optional dependency for all those OS packages? I wish I could remember which one, maybe I’ll do some testing and try to find it.

  • Tried to edit my post but seems that doesn’t work? Anyway, found it, it was indeed a vulkan package:


  • @stingray454
    I have package vulkan-icd-loader installed, and I did not explicitly install it. So it has been there for a long time (don’t know if it has been from the initial install or later).
    So I guess that package is needed there…

  • It was not installed for me in a base deepin install. As I wanted to experiment with vulcan and wine I installed it, but uninstalling seems impossible :/. Not that I NEED to uninstall it, it was just “uninstall this and the OS is borked” that got to me.

  • @stingray454
    I’m not using Deepin (but Xfce) so don’t know why that happened.

    Maybe someone here has more ideas on this?

  • @stingray454
    I can confirm @manuel’s findings also, in all the DE’s I use (see description below) vulkan-icd-loader is also installed. So it must be a necessary package within Antergos.

  • I’d even say uninstalling is overrated… ;)

  • Maybe the issue here is just that it isn’t installed by default by the antergos installer :)

  • Or maybe it wasn’t exactly the right package after all? :)

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