• Thunderbird doesnt display any fonts (Menu, Pop-Ups, etc)


    i am using Antergos with Mate for about half a year now. Yesterday i tried to install Thunderbird. The installation showed no errors. When i start ist, the terminal also shows no errors, but the programm has no fonts at all and because of that, it is not usable at all. Screenshot:


    I installed Antergos on my PC with Mate later the day and it has the same errors and also i installed it as a virtual machine and its not getting better.

    Then i installed Antergos with Gnome and then the problem doesnt exist…

    I want to use mate, so do you have an idea, what i can do?



  • @njay

    There is an old bug with mate + firefox, may be the same for thunderbird.
    Change thunderbird font and see if it works.
    Inside thunderbird:
    edit>preferences>appearance etc

    If doesn’t work, you can also check fonts from mate settings, one of them can be set to 0 or something like that.

  • Thank you, that was the solution!

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