• Summer-Time 2018

    Exactly that is my plan too, plus fishing and BBQ and cool down swimming.

  • @joekamprad said in Summer-Time 2018:

    plus fishing

    Haha! The most funny fact about my holiday: I’ll be getting up at 4 am for 12 days or so. Normally, I happen to go to bed at this hour. :D

  • Ready for takeoff. Below: my daughter’s bag vs mine (right).


  • We here in the Western part of Iceland didn’t have any summer at all. Was the colder summer than average measurements (it is not very warm here to begin with) and we gad a record breaking rain all summer. It basically hasn’t gotten dry enough to mow the lawn or wax the car.
    The Northern and Eastern area of the country have however had the best summer in years… so weird to see how the weather is divided between areas 😖

  • @olividir said in Summer-Time 2018:

    weird to see how the weather is divided between areas

    Poor you! On the other hand: 28 to 33 degrees forecasted in my holiday location, and I’ll have no AC. Just woods and the lake.

  • @piotr

    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that heat and sun for some days. The good weather over Scandinavia has kept rainy season over here. BUT things are looking up now, the forecast predicts sun and nice weather for a while now 😄

  • So, my holiday this year already remain just a wallpaper. :)


  • No rest for the wicked… I’ve been working my *ss off, mostly BBQ-ing in 28 - 34 C.

    Now it back to normal, nice cool weather, and an ordinary schedule. Not a dy to soon. ☺

  • I had a productive summer, and hey my skin is tan again after doing numerous trekking and swimming activities.

  • summer is over…


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