• WPS - Gnome Fix for Dialogs & Spreadsheet Backgrounds

    Boy, am I fickle! Hahaha! Well, when you need a thing, and that thing works best in Gnome, you ditch a beautiful DE (KDE) and go back to what really works. But, Something really weird happened today. WPS was upgraded today through Pacman. When that happened, the dialogs went really strange with black backgrounds, text that was hard to read in the dialogs, and Spreadsheets had black backgrounds…Man, talk about weird. Even the buttons in the dialogs looked like they were strange.

    So, After a little googling, I found the following fix.

    • @xmbwd
      xmbwd commented on Jul 6, 2017 •

    Here is a solution that works across reboots, but probably not across subsequent installs of WPS:
    gksu gedit /usr/bin/et
    ${gInstallPath}/office6/${gApp} ${gOptExt} ${gOpt} “[email protected]
    Replace with:
    ${gInstallPath}/office6/${gApp} -style GTK+ ${gOptExt} ${gOpt} “[email protected]
    Attribution goes to Dan Temkin on AskUbuntu.*

    I know that the “-style motif” was the original answer, but substituting GTK+ instead made everything right.

    Hope this helps

  • You traitor😛

  • @bryanpwo said in WPS - Gnome Fix for Dialogs & Spreadsheet Backgrounds:

    You traitor😛

    Bwahahaha! I’m still with Antergos, though… ;-)

  • @bryanpwo said in WPS - Gnome Fix for Dialogs & Spreadsheet Backgrounds:

    You traitor😛

    Back to KDE. I found a way to launch WPS in KDE in a way that allows me to open the dialogs in GTK instead of the deprecated KDE dialogs. It runs perfectly. If anyone else is interested, I’ll put the link for the fix up in the KDE section.

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