• Different DE options

    For some reason, my only DE options are Cinnamon, which I chose at install and I can’t seem to find how to use Mate or any other. Is there a default I can change to include those DEs? Tx,

  • DE options want to say install other DE’s ? after installing Cinnamon? from installed system?

    we have this meta packages that can easely handle this:

    sudo pacman -S antergos-mate-meta
  • Man, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m going through a shit time here and that time you took to point me in the right direction is one less obstacle in my way. So I really, really appreciate your feedback and handholding (sorry about that part)

  • I’ll just put this here since it’s relevant. Do the meta packages let you change to other DEs(with antergos’ settings) without having to reinstall Antergos entirely?

  • Yes, I have gnome, lxde and cinnamon installed depending on my mood

  • @sukid exactly…

  • @jardragon901 I am curious - what mood are you in for gnome? kde always puts me in a good mood btw lol🤣

  • Well i dont really use it much anymore, just boot into it sometimes to see if anything has changed but nope. 95% of the time i use cinnamon because its easy to theme.

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