• Logitech MX anywhere 2 freeze after 2 seconds of inactivity

    I’m runing KDE Plasma.
    Since a few weeks my bluetooth mouse “Logitech MX anywhere 2” started freezing after 2 seconds of inactivity. It’s working perfectly as long as move or click but if I stop I then have to wait a few seconds before it starts moving again. It’s so much frustrating, any clue how to debug this ?
    I didn’t change anything, I just keep my packages up to date and I think it started after a kernel update, maybe one month ago.
    Thank you !

  • even more strange, sometimes it works for a few hours… then the freezing comes back. restarting bluetooth service or the mouse doesn’t change anything. remove the mouse and pairing it again doesn’t work neither

  • i like to use mouse wit unified recievers whatever it calles :) i got a wireless trackball i like it :) no drivers needed :)

  • @siarfnopmop
    Yeah, like @ringo32 already suggested, if it is a bluetooth issue, then you could use with the Logitech Unifying receiver.
    And there is an application in AUR called solaar that is able to somewhat manage the Unifying receiver on Antergos.

  • read te manual a bit, it can use the pico unifying reciever, i dont know how it called exactly and bluetooth… my experience with suck things as the unified reciever is, not realy need a driver. bluetooth is always tends to be sensitive on a point.

  • I’m using a bluetooth mouse because i don’t want to use a usb port so it’s not a solution in my case, but thank you for your help :)

  • @siarfnopmop me i am also on side with other posters, BT is not stable in my opinion…

    But lets give Logitech a chance here as the build incredible good hardware for long ;)

    To get a look what is gone wrong grep into journal:

    journalctl | grep Bluetooth

    May it is caused by some settings inside /etc/bluetooth/main.conf … you can just open it and read about its options inside the file as they put kinda manual inside.

    Mouse_always_disconnect this is a very common problem and often not solved…

    The two thinks mentioned in ArchWiki are

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