• XFCE Antergos style polished


    Theming is now completed and the new Antergos-XFCE Desktop is looking fantasticly polished and modern!

    On what you see at the picture i do add two more modifications i like as follows:

    The panel-dock at the left side with kindof often used apps with transparency to make it look like a real dock.
    Bottom panel is only set to have 50% transparency.

    The rest is now new and default after fresh install!

  • It looks great indeed, finally.

  • Is this the new default screen of Antergos-XFCE?

  • nice :) indeed for general use is nice :)

    i wish the win7-taskbar applet wasnt so bug full that would be a nice feature also for the sidepanel but is kinda buggy :)

    good on antergos point layout

  • Thanks for the info! Didn’t realize that new Antergos Xfce looks so great by default! :)

    Well, Joe’s screen looked so great that I had to create one too! ;)
    Here’s a picture of it (on VirtualBox):


    There is one panel on the left with all apps and some more.
    Then the bottom panel mostly shows which apps are running, and it has some basic stuff too. It’s height is also quite small in order to save some space (as we have these wide screens).

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