• Keeping antergos stable?

    How to keep antergos stable?

    As arch is getting updated on almost weekly basis, sometimes it breaks the system.

    It is already broken on my laptop(mouse pad left button not working, while working in windows 10), but my desktop is working good with antergos. Therefore, it came to my mind of asking this question and atleast keep the desktop stable.

    I have AUR enabled, as there are some applications that are not available in antergos repos and I need them to work with. Like adapta gtk theme, arc-gtk-theme, vs code, postman, youtube-dl-gui, postgres, mongodb, robomongo, ngnix, etc.

  • Like you’ve said, Antergos sometimes breaks, with the emphasis on sometimes. To be honest this is part of the rolling release game. Most problems will be solved within a day, unless it concerns a third party update (the recent Nvidia disaster😉 )
    To keep it completely clean you can disable AUR and remove all of those packages, but like you’ve said, there are some usefull apps in there.

    The problem with your mouse pad isn’t Antergos related, but Windows 10 related. The two systems are seperate and they don’t influence each other. Maybe you should take a closer look at that one.

  • Okay, I just read your other post where you report the opposite. Maybe you should give this info you gave in here, about the AUR apps you’ve installed, over there. The problem might be related to one of those. AUR apps are most likely the reason for sudden breakage.
    I’m only saying this to give you and us the opportunity to solve the problem. Dividing them into two seperate post makes it more complicated.😉

  • Oh… Regarding the other post, i wont mix it up here.

    Just to make it more precise, how to keep antergos stable? Any suggestions…

  • keep an eye on the AUR pages for your AUR packages, and on the news here at the forum and also on archlinux itself:

    Do not update system if you do not have time to do so.
    And in my opinion it is the savest to do updates once a week and take time to inform before about issues.

    If you do tinkering on the system itself keep track on what changes you made, end revert what do not work directly.

    If you install something from AUR first take a look at his comments, and if it do not work remove it and related packages…

  • if you use nonfree drivers you have to keep track those also if there is total new video driver there is a legacy version of its, you should look first on that if possible , or wait a bit for feedback you dont need keep updating weekly but dont wait for months not too long

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