• 9GB Enough for OS and Apps?

    Hello! I’m relatively new to Antergos, but I do consider myself an Ubuntu ninja ;) . I would like to know if I can install Antergos on my dual-booted chromebook (2 partitions, chromeos has 7GB, ubuntu has 9). I’m pretty sure it will, but my question is how much space I will have remaining for apps and such. I am looking to use this device for development of my own flavor of linux

  • should be ok if you use a minimal install and use apps that dont have a lot of dependencies or use a lot of cli apps, I myself am using about 12GB but i use a Gnome and a have a bunch of images for web development.

  • @ecbcat20 will work, but you will need to do not use a full featured DE like Gnome or KDE, i would go with lightwight (xfce) or minimalism (i3 openbox), the bigger problem will be to clean up cache files as they will grow inti GB if you do not handle them:



  • @joekamprad I plan to use the CLI or XFCE. Will I be good?

  • @ecbcat20
    Initially it will be enough space for either Base or Xfce installs. Later, depending on what you store to it, there may be problems.

    Do you plan to have some extra space, e.g. SD card etc. (forgive my ignorance if that is not possible for your chromebook)? That can also be mounted as additional space quite easily on any Linux based system.

  • @manuel I’ve got a 32 GB expansion USB drive as well as a 32 GB Micro SD for expansion …

    the USB is a Cruzer Fit
    SD is a standard Sandisk 32 GB Micro

  • @ecbcat20
    Then you have plenty of space… :)

  • @ecbcat20 you can bind ~/pictures ~/videos ~/documents ~/music ~/downloads e.t.c from your /home folder to the SD card so your personal data will be stored there like this in /etc/fstab

    UUID=XXX /mnt/data ext4 defaults,relatime,data=ordered 0 0
    /mnt/data/pictures	/home/ecbcat20/pictures  auto    bind    0 0
    /mnt/data/documents	/home/ecbcat20/documents   auto    bind    0 0

    Mounts your SD card under /mnt/data and then bind them as your home folders for pictures , documents e.t.c.

  • @joekamprad so i just nano that file??? or I do something else?

  • yea
    sudo nano /etc/fstab

  • but you will need to get the UUID of your sdcard what you can get with this:

    ls -l /dev/disk/by-partuuid/

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