• Microsoft bought Github

    Microsoft bought Github for $7.5 billion, though a lot of people see this as the nearing death of Github, other people see the positive side. Since Microsoft development isn’t entirely behind closed doors and is a large contributor on Github also.

    What is your take on this: Yay or nay?

  • Time to move my stuff somewhere else! ;)

    Seriously: I’m probably too lazy to do take some actions just for such the reason. Let’s wait and see what happens.

  • Microsoft is moving forward to make use of open source development.
    It is a so called market goal to get more customer specific development working.

    Open source, from Microsoft with love:


    May the times in what Open source and business, mixed as well as oil and water are over?

  • Closed my account there too. I’m out. Has anyone fancy some alternatives? Gitlab? I might get some stuff online but not on Github.

    Micro$oft embrace. Extinguish.

  • I’m just afraid that they are going to screw it up (or bloat it out) like everything else they “acquired”.

    Interestingly, the local news coverage is pretty muted on the subject (I live in the Seattle area). If it were Amazon or Boeing, they’d be screaming it from the rooftops, but no, just a brief mention on the morning news.

  • That’s it!!! I am highly thinking of moving everything from Reborn OS over from Github to Gitlabs. And if you guys will join me, I plan on working to convince as many opensource developers to leave as well. I can not stand idly by if there is even a chance of Microsoft ruining Linux. I will not stand by and watch it burn. I will not stand by as freedom is crushed. I will not stand by as money and corruption makes it’s way into our lovely Opensource community. First Microsoft bought a chair on the Linux Foundation, and now this. But no more! A movement starts with one person - will you join me?

  • If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am in the “nay” party😄.

  • @grenouille mentioned the news didn’t make screaming headliners, like Bryan Lunduke said (the video linked in @joekamprad’s post) this could mean two things:

    A: Microsoft is intending to give Github the slow death to mute the open source community, so therefore doesn’t want the big media attention.

    B: Microsoft doesn’t want to scare the open source community and with this step they’re really trying to embrace the open source community AND with that also the Linux community.

    I admit that Microsoft has a long way to shake off their smug attitude they had for a long time towards Linux, but maybe the company had a change of heart and is reaching out to the community.
    I mean Linkedin and Minecraft are still there without becoming a Windows eco-system app.
    Having said that I’m still interested to hear your opinions.

  • @bryanpwo said in Microsoft bought Github:

    I mean Linkedin and Minecraft are still there without becoming a Windows eco-system app.

    Other than the Win10 only version of Minecraft, which my son (who’s been playing Minecraft for 5 or 6 years) says is sadly lacking compared to the regular stand-alone version and even the Android port.

    He is happy that they’ve gotten rid of the java dependency, though, at least in the Windows version.

  • GitHub - Why Microsoft Paid $7.5B for the Future of Software! - A Case Study

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