• Changing from "Dash to Dock" to Latte-Dock... Anyone tried this?

    So I have latte-dock installed from the AUR packages, it runs without error, but I do not see it anywhere on screen. Has anyone had any luck with the Gnome/Latte-Dock combo on Antergos?

    Thank you,

  • As far as i know latte will not work under GNOME shell…

  • Provided that you don’t need Wayland, plank is a great alternative. If it comes to auto-hiding, I like it more than D2D.

  • Latte dock only works in KDE, maybe there’s a workaround, but I don’t see the point of that. Latte dock was especially created for KDE users who want a dock like Plank, Cairo dock and dash to dock in Gnome, since they don’t properly work under KDE.

  • Hmm, I swear I read that you could run it without KDE as long as you had Plasma. I will look into that, thank you for the responses.

  • @YeeP
    Plasma is the name of the KDE desktop environment, the other one is called Neon, but that one works only with the Kubuntu packages.

  • @yeep Have you tried “Dash to Panel”? In My Humble Opinion that is the best solution for a Gnome 3 desktop.


  • @pudge said in Changing from "Dash to Dock" to Latte-Dock... Anyone tried this?:

    Dash to Panel

    this is a way to get rid of the dock, but user want to add another dock ;)

  • @joekamprad but user want to add another dock 😉

    Just trying to offer an alternative. Sometimes if one thinks outside the current box their in, they might find something they like even better. If not, real easy to go back to what they had. Trying is learning.


  • @pudge good thinking!

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