• Unable to create working install

    Just did a new install on new hardware, and am unable to create a working install that gets me to a desktop. It’s a ZFS install (tried with ext4) as well and same problem).

    Currently unable to get to a desktop.

    First thing that pops up is ZFS modules unable to load. After that it tries to load LightDM multiple times failing each time. Next it continues loading as usual then starts doing 2 at once (update man-db database & update locate database).

    Six minutes later when all that finishes, screen clears with just blinking cursor in upper left corner of display.

  • @nymmie said in Unable to create working install:

    new hardware

    So what is this “new hardware” ?

    ZFS is mean to be used only if you know exactly what you are doing, as ZFS is a outside Kernel Filesystem and needs regular intervention on keepin it running.

    Failing lightdm mostly is caused by failing to load X, what is mostly linked to graphic related issue.

  • @joekamprad New Hardware is new Mobo, CPU, and RAM. all Storage is moved over from old system (Except a new NVME which new mobo supports).

    ZFS is known to me. i’ve been using it for about 2 years now.

    failing lightDM likely a graphic issue, so i need to chroot in and reinstall nvidia drivers.

  • @nymmie said in Unable to create working install:

    Mobo, CPU, and RAM

    What is your GPU card then?

  • @joekamprad said in Unable to create working install:

    What is your GPU card then?

    Nvidia 8600 GT

  • @nymmie said in Unable to create working install:

    Nvidia 8600 GT

    last working nvidia propritary driver:

    Version: 340.106
    Release Date: 2018.1.16
    Operating System: Linux 64-bit

    So will need to keep xorg downgraded to 1.19 to make use of Nvidia propritary driver what would be then nvidia-340xx

    See also here: https://antergos.com/wiki/de/hardware/graphics/antergos-nvidia-installer-2/

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