• Question about Antergos iso

    I see that the install media has regular updates with new iso. Do these updates only include the base + Gnome packages (for the full live iso) ? I know the installer downloads latest versions but the Gnome packages are already updated to the iso date right?

    i.e. if I install from iso and pick Gnome, it will have latest packages but if I choose another option like KDE it wont, right?

  • @defc
    AFAIK, the (full) ISO includes only the basic stuff (at the time of creating the ISO) that it needs to be able to install Antergos, and also some tools that can be used for fixing potential problems, like gparted.
    Note that the minimal ISO does not include e.g. gparted (although that would be a great addition to the minimal…).

    The installer program on the ISO is cnchi. In the beginning of the install process, cnchi updates itself. This means you can use even an older ISO and it should be able to install Antergos like the latest ISO.
    I have used an older ISO to install Antergos, but not many times so I don’t really know if it is possible to install Antergos with any older ISO.

    Cnchi downloads most packages (including Gnome, KDE, etc.) while installing, so the new installed system is up to date.

    So the ISO (AFAIK) does not include Gnome packages. Gnome is only the default choice offered by the ISO.

  • But the regular iso includes a full live Gnome desktop, and I’d assumed that is the thing that gets updated each month.

    Good to know that I don’t need to get new iso each time though.

  • @defc
    You can look at the contents of the ISO with the following commands:

    mount -o loop /path-to-ISO/antergos-18.6-x86_64.iso /mnt
    # now check the contents of /mnt directory, e.g.
    less /mnt/arch/pkglist.x86_64.txt
    umount /mnt    # do this when /mnt is no more needed
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