• 404 Error on Antergos Download Page

    I’ve been having issues installing Antergos, and a few hours ago I was able to download Antergos, and I proceeded to use Rufus on Windows to create a bootable flash drive (I’ve successfully done this many times with Ubuntu recently). When trying to install Antergos, regardless of which mirror I select (or if I just try to let Cnchi do it), it ends up erroring out (it gives the “cannot create download package list (metalinks)” error early in the installation in the case of letting Cnchi choose the mirrors, and I get a “couldn’t download all packages”, or something to that effect, about 10-15% through the installation if I choose the mirrors myself, which I’ve tried many of).

    And now something even stranger (not sure if related to my above issues or not), when I try to re-download the ISO from the Antergos website, I get a “The requested URL /iso/release/antergos-18.5-x86_64.iso was not found on this server.” 404 error, even though I downloaded the ISO just a few hours earlier.

    I’ve also tried choosing different desktop environments to see if it was the DE mirrors that were the problem (tried both Deepin DE and GNOME), but I get the same problem with both.

    Any ideas what’s going on and/or what I can do? Thanks!

  • @slinkiusmaximus said in 404 Error on Antergos Download Page:

    The requested URL /iso/release/antergos-18.5-x86_64.iso was not found on this server.” 404 error

    same here…

    But devs currently updating the ISO:


  • the best ISO2USB tool is imho etcher, aviable for windows too:


  • @joekamprad Ah okay. You’re saying the ISO was being updated, which could have been the cause of my issues (both trying to download the ISO and trying to communicate with mirrors)?

  • mirrors have had some hickups lately, but this should be gone now… The prblem with the ISO was that the link was not updated, now it is and also the download from antergos.com is working again.

  • Confirmed, I’m just downloading 18.6 of Antergos… :)

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